Style Guideline.

Authors are invited to submit research and application papers using the IAITL templates.

Camera Version Ready Template: IAITL Template and Sample Template contains an example Word document with all the necessary styles defined. Maximum page limit is 15 or 8000 words. Every extra page will be charged an additional fee.

You may use either the Bluebook or the APA style for referencing.
Please minimize the use of footnotes and long titles.
There is no need to make a reference list if you have used a Blue book style. Please put only the reference materials in your bibliography, which you cited in your text!

1. APA style
References should relate only to material cited within the manuscript and be listed in alphabetical order, including author's name, complete title of the cited work, title of the source, volume, issue, year of publication, and pages cited. When you use the source in the text, author's name and year of publication should appear (Ex., Travers, 1995). Please do not include any abbreviations. Please see the following examples:

One author:
Author, A. A. (1994). Title of work. Location/City, State: Publisher.

Two authors:
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (1994). Title of work. Location/City, State: Publisher.

More than two authors:
Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (1994). Title of work. Location/City, State: Publisher.

Journal article:
Kierkegaard, S. (2006). Blogs, Lies and the Doocing . Computer Law and Security Report Volume 222 (Issue 3), 1-14.

Instance of publication in press:
Junho, S. (in press). Roadmap for e-commerce standardization in Korea. International Journal of IT Standards and Standardization Research.

Edited book:
Kierkegaard, S. (Ed.). (2006). Complex 3 Series of 2006. University of Oslo Oslo: Unipub.

Chapter in an edited book:
Kierkegaard, S. (2006). Financial Considering students’ emotions in computer-mediated learning environments. In Z. Ma (Ed.), Web-based intelligent e-learning systems: Technologies and applications (pp. 122-138). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing.